TACorr - long term corrosion inhibitors

additiv for anticorrosive oil 


TemProTAC - Inhibitor for temporary corrosion protection

rinse solution concentrate for temporary multimetal corrosion protection
TemProTAC addClean [more Information]
corrosion protection additive for water borne cleaner

multiTAC - multifunctional additives

Latest innovation – various properties are useful

multiTAC M4N [more Information]
benefits are for example
wetting properties, anti-foam, etc.
multiTAC DDM [more Information]
corrosion protection with additional functions
e.g. film forming agent, adhesion etc.


BIOcides - no formaldehyde / no isothiazolinone

based on ortho-phenylphenol
PT6 in can preservation
PT13 metal working fluids
Registration launched for union authorization
already available in
Germany, Denmark, UK, Poland, Italy

developed with LanXess