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We are pleased about your visit on our web page. Your privacy and the protection linked with it of personal dates are to us an important concern. Therefore, our business action follows according to the applicable regulations to data security and data security. To us is due to the fact very much that you feel sure with us. That's why we pay attention to the observance of the data security-juridical default.
Of the meaning of your dates entrusted to us we are aware and would like to inform you in the following about it:

for which purposes your (personal) dates raised, are processed and are used,
as we handle with your dates and protect them,
to whom we make available the dates and
as you can perceive your rights.

Please, peruse to yourselves the following implementation carefully. For questions you can turn to our management. The contact dates are found further below in this data security explanation.
1) Definitions

Data security is a complicated subject. So that some fundamental importances make easier the understanding of this data security explanation, we have gathered this for you.

Under an "order processing" (briefly OBV.) for the purposes of the article. 28 data security-basic orders (DS-GVO) (formerly "order data processing" (briefly ADV) according to §11 German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)) a service is understood simplisticly with which personal dates raised by order and after instruction of the so-called person responsible by a service company (order manufacturer to DS-GVO and order date manufacturer after BDSG), are processed and are used / or. Before such an order will award to a service company, we conclude a special contract with the service company and guarantee other measures for the protection of your personal dates.

"Cookies" are small text files which are stored on your used terminal (e.g., computer or smartphone) and which store certain settings and dates for the exchange with our system about your browser. A cookie usually contains the name of the attended web page by which the cookie dates were sent, information about the age of the cookie and an alphameric identification sign. Cookies enable to the systems to recognise the machine of the user and to make possible pre-settings immediately available.

Third is every natural or legal entity or place, except the affected person, the person responsible, the order manufacturer and the people who are authorised under the immediate responsibility of the person responsible or the order manufacturer to process the personal dates, cf. article. 4 No. 10 DS-GVO. Hence, it concerns, e.g., not a third, if personal dates in the course of an order processing according to article. 28 DS-GVO or §11 BDSG to a service company are given.

IP addresses are Ziff

IP addresses are figure results which can be assigned to single IT machines or a team. The IP serves to be able to assign as with postal addresses, dates to the right consignee.
Under „personal dates“ is all information which refers to an identified or identifiable natural person, in particular given name and surname, date of birth, e-mail address, residential address, as well as bank and payment dates, but also health dates, to understand, cf. article. 4 No. 1 DS-GVO (single specifications about a certain or determinable natural person according to §3 paragraph 1 BDSG).
"Person responsible" according to article. 4 No. 7 DS-GVO (formerly „responsible place“ after §3 paragraph 7 BDSG) is every person or place which decides alone or together with others on the purposes and means of the processing of personal dates. (present: the web page operating authority).
2) Person responsible

Person responsible concerning your personal dates on this web page is:

Straetmans HighTAC GmbH
Mercury ring 94
22143 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0) 40 – 696487 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 40 – 696487 - 11

Should other than the precalled place of "persons responsible" be for the purposes of the data security-basic order or the BDSG, you are pointed out explicitly and separately to it, provided that this is not evident.

3) Use of the website

3.1) Cookies
With every access to this web page dates are minuted what is also valid for the call of files. On this occasion, we use your IP address or put cookies to collect dates, among the rest, this happens about your browser, your computer and your attended undersides. We need these dates to decorate the visit of this web page so pleasantly for you as possible. Indeed, we carry out no single profile education about your behaviour of utilisation. The analysis of the behaviour of utilisation always follows in anonymous form. The basic use of the web offer is possible as a rule also without cookies. Indeed, we cannot exclude a restriction of the use of the web page or a lower user's friendliness.
Most current browsers admit deactivating of cookies or limiting for certain web pages. Regularly dispose to inform browser also about the possibility you, as soon as cookies are put. As a precaution we have pointed out you already in the visit of this web page to the application of the cookies.
You can extinguish cookies any time from the hard disc of your terminal. Indeed, we cannot exclude a restriction of the use of the web page or a lower user's friendliness also for this case.

3.2) Communication via e-mail, contact form, phone or fax
Should you step with us via e-mail, fax, phone or about one of the usable contact forms in connection, we use your specifications for the establishment of contact and for the purpose-related consultation as we can derive them according to your wish from your inquiry.
3.3) Passing on of your dates, application of service companies
We raise and use your dates after the legal default and only for own purposes. A passing on to so-called third does not follow, unless there is a legal liability moreover or you have agreed to the passing on.
As far as we access to enable our offer other service companies and possibly grant to these a necessary access to your dates, we have of course a contract for the order processing (briefly Obv. contract) according to article. 28 data security-basic orders or §11 BDSG with our service companies for the order processing (briefly order manufacturer) concluded. Also we remain responsible furthermore for the protection of your dates. By the conclusion of the contract the used service companies are not valid as so-called third.
3.4) Duration of the date use / safekeeping
A deletion of your personal dates follows, provided that legal safekeeping duties do not stand in the way of him and if you have asserted a deletion claim if the dates are not necessary to the fulfilment of the purpose presecuted with the storage any more or if her storage for other legal reasons is inadmissible.
3.5) Place of the date use
Your dates are processed as a rule in Germany. In special cases information which you transmit to us on servers within the European Union (EU) can be stored. Should we deviate from this as "a person responsible", we inform you over here.
4) Integration of services and contents of third

4.1) In general
It can seem that within this online offer contents of third, as for example videos are integrated by Youtube, maps and charts of Google-Maps, RSS-Feeds or graphics of other web pages. This always assumes that the suppliers of these contents (in the following called as "a third supplier") perceive the IP address of the users. Since without IP address, they would be able to do the contents i. d. R. to the browser of the respective user do not send. The IP address is necessary with it for the representation of these contents. We try only to use such contents whose respective suppliers use the IP address merely to the delivery of the contents. However, we have no influence on it, if the third suppliers store the IP address, e.g., for statistical purposes. As far as to us this is known, we clear up the users about that.

4.2) Use of Google Analytics
The present web page uses the web analysis service "Google Analytics" of the Google Inc by which so-called "cookies" (smaller text files) on your computer are stored. By means of these "cookies" an analysis of the use of the web page is possible. The information generated by a cookie about your use of this web page is transferred as a rule to a server of the Google Inc in the USA and is also stored there.
As a rule your IP address is shortened by Google within member states of the European Union or in other signatories of the agreement about the European economic area (EEA) before. In special cases your full IP address can transfer to an US server of the Google Inc and be shortened therefore only in the USA.
By order of the web page operating authority the Google Inc will use this information about it to evaluate your web page use. These upraised dates are not brought together with other dates by Google.
Provided that you wish no storage of cookies, you can prevent this by suitable setting in your browser. Indeed, we point out explicitly to the fact that in this case all functions of the web page could not be available to you. For the cases in which you would like to prevent merely the processing of the dates by the Google Inc you are able to do on the following web page a so-called Browser-Plugin downloaden and instal: hl=de
The Browser-Plugin should be available for the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (current version), Google to chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple safari and opuses.
Visit with Google Analytics tape.
As an operating authority of this website we have closed a separate arrangement to the order data processing (ADV) according to §11 BDSG with Google Analytics Germany.
5) Data security / sure data transfer

We would like to clear up you about the fact that with the data transfer on the Internet (e.g., via e-mail) security gaps can appear. Hence, a complete protection before the access by third is not possible for us. We protect our IT systems (including the web page / N) by means of so-called technical and organizational measures (briefly TOM) against unintentional / N: Admission, access, passing on, input, loss and spreading as well as destruction and change by unauthorized from.
Your personal dates will transfer by means of the Secure Socket Layer of coding system (128 bits of SSL encoding) securely on the Internet.
For the purpose of the data security your IP address as well as date and time of the visit are minuted further.
6) Affected rights / of data security officials

Contact for the protection of your affected person's rights is our management.

6.1) Contradiction right
You can contradict the use of your specifications any time with effect for the future.

6.2) Surely on correction
Further you can require that wrong specifications are corrected of your person, provided that you cannot carry out a change yourselves.
6.3) Information right
Under the legal conditions you can get to know of course within the scope of your information right which dates we have stored about you and for which purpose.
6.4) Data security official
Provided that you liked to make from your affected person's rights, thus also from your right on deletion or blockage, use, turn please with a sufficient legitimization and - prefers in writing - to our management.
Straetmans HighTAC GmbH
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7) External links and information on the web page

For external links and them thereby accessibly to made offers of third we assume no liability. Further we point out to the fact that the information on this web page serves excluding the purveyance of information and achieves no juridical binding force.
8) Changes of the data security explanation

The progressive technology, legal default or also changed expiries can affect, among other things also this data security explanation. Hence, we reserve ourselves the right to change this data security explanation any time with effect for the future. You find the in each case current version of the data security explanation on this web page. Please, attend this underside of the homepage regularly to find out about the valid regulations.
Stand. 5/23/2018